Chapter 791

The unkempt old man revealed his big yellow teeth with a smile. "That’s the way!" As he spoke, he gnawed on the turkey leg and drank the beer. Eric turned to look at Nash, who appeared calm. Eric guessed that this elder must be the one secretly protecting Nash. Nash smiled and asked, "Sir, do you know where the Eight-Part Scepter is?" The unkempt old man nodded and said, "Under the command of the General of the Eastern Territory, there’s a mysterious organization called Emerald Wren Guard. Within that organization lives a tattooed priest named Skylar, and he has the Eight-Part Scepter!" Nash smiled half-heartedly. "Sir, what else do you want to eat? I'll make it for you!" The unkempt old man saw through Nash's little schemes at a glance. He said calmly, "I will not leave Jonford until you break through to the Mystique Loyalty Realm!" His duty was to protect Nash. The Duersons had The Swordsman and Boris. They were probably monitoring him and Bladesman Divus. They would find a

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