Chapter 792

In Sagen, Felicity donned a white dress, and her dark shiny hair was flowing behind her. She no longer looked like a tough cookie; now, she appeared to be the innocent and sweet girl-next-door type. Her youthful and delicate features were considered stunning enough to bewitch a city. Felicity smiled widely as she looked at her beautiful face in the mirror. "With my looks, what man wouldn't be attracted to me?" Just during the day, she received news of Lindon Carter's whereabouts in a small bar in Sagen. It turned out that Lindon never went abroad at all but had been staying in Sagen, living a hedonistic life every night. Dominic Carter managed to deceive the people around him. It was his careful behavior that led the local Inspection Office to unanimously believe that Lindon had gone abroad. They even contacted the Inspection Office abroad. She planned to go look for Lindon. If there was a chance, she might be able to bring him to justice. Catching Lindon would definitely be a

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