Chapter 793

"Hehe, alright, alright!" The inspection staff on the other end of the phone entered Dalton's name into the computer database. A lot of Dalton Wallaces popped up on the computer screen. The three names at the top of the list were in red. The red names indicated that these three people were key monitoring targets. As the cursor clicked on the second name, the person's recent hotel check-in records popped up in a page. Dalton stayed in a hotel almost every day. He stayed in a different hotel every night. Ken opened the face scan records in the hotel database. After confirming that it was the Dalton he knew, he said, "The records showed that Dalton checked in at the Bowman Hotel last night!" "Alright, got it!" Felicity hung up the phone and drove to the Bowman Hotel. About half an hour later, she parked outside the hotel. Felicity strode toward the hotel front desk. As she walked to the entrance, her ankle twisted slightly because she was not used to wearing high heels. A man

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