Chapter 794

Peter wanted to use a woman to defeat Eric's Nine Breath Profound Technique. Unexpectedly, he found someone who had mystical dark energy. As a result, Eric broke through to the Mystique Loyalty realm. He wondered what Peter would think when he found out. Nash did not continue to dwell on this topic. He said solemnly, "You should pay more attention to the ghoul overlord’s movements over the next few days. We need to take action in advance if it escapes and causes mischief!" The fastest way for a shadow corpse entity to grow was by absorbing the life force of a living being. If Peter was crazy enough to release the thousand-year-old ghoul, it would only plunge the entire Jonford into a panic. Eric nodded and said, "I'll take care of this!" It may not be possible for him to deal with the thousand-year-old ghoul, but he could still monitor it. At this time, the smart communication device on the ceiling started beeping. It was Melody Stone. She usually rang it for toilet assistanc

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