Chapter 795

Melody wanted to dig herself a hole in the ground so that she could crawl into it. This was way too embarrassing... Nash heard no movement after a while, so he turned back to face Melody. He put his hands under Melody's armpits and lifted her up, supporting her against his legs. He used his other free hand to pull up her panties first and finally lifted the pajama pants to her waist. From the beginning to the end, he never lowered his head to look. This was a sign of respect for Melody. Nash glanced at the toilet, pressed the flush button, and asked calmly, "Your urine is yellowish. You're a little dehydrated. Did Maria give you spicy food?" Melody shook her head quickly. Finally, she nodded again. She could not stand eating food that was too bland. That was why Maria put a little pepper in her porridge. Nash bent down, hooked his arms around Melody's legs, and picked her up, He carried her back to the room. After carefully placing her on the bed, he covered her with a quilt

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