Chapter 796

He created this array based on the Penta Spectre Curse, and he did not even know what level it was. However, he was certain that with Peter’s ability, the latter would never be able to notice him monitoring his every move. Eric bit his right index finger and dripped a drop of blood into the basin. The blood and water combined, and a picture appeared in the basin. It was the surrounding and aerial view of Duerson Manor. Boris was wearing a robe and practicing cultivation exercises in Duerson Manor’s private garden. The Swordsman was frolicking with several women by the private swimming pool. Duncan had made an appointment with a few unscrupulous friends from second-rate families to play golf at a private golf course. Only Peter was not seen. Frowning, Eric asked in confusion, "Where did Peter go?" Speaking of the devil, Peter was seen walking out of the basement holding an iron chain. The iron chain was tied around a ghoul covered with talismans. It was Herman, who managed t

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