Chapter 797

Eric took off his shoes and slipped under the covers. He hugged the woman tightly in his arms, speaking with guilt on his face, "As a Golden Amulet Master of the Drakonia, my duty is to eliminate evil and defend the Path to protect the country. "I can't spend as much time with you as you want." Winnie's soft body trembled slightly. After a moment of silence, she raised her head and said, "Can I follow you, then?" Although she was young, she was not ignorant. She knew that Eric's identity was unusual. Eric could not accompany her, but she could follow him! Eric gently scratched Winnie's nose and said with a smile, "You can't follow me around. It's too dangerous..." A Golden Amulet Master would step in only when there were evil practitioners that the Association of Path Masters could not deal with. He could not even protect himself if he encountered trouble, let alone his woman. Winnie leaned in Eric's arms, disappointment evident in her bright eyes. The love she imagined was to

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