Chapter 798

In Glenmoore District of Sagen, this old residential community felt timeless and rustic. A heavyset priest wearing a pure white robe was standing at the door. He held a string of prayer beads in his hand and carried a package behind his back. The security guard took out a crumpled ten-dollar bill from his pocket and handed it over carefully. "Priest… Are you here to seek something to fill your belly?" The white-robed priest was stunned for a moment. He nodded and said, "Peace be with you, good Samaritan. This money isn't enough for me!" This priest was none other than the tattooed priest, Dalton Wallace. After being favored by the Emerald Wren Guard, he enjoyed a salary of eight million per year. For nearly a year, he had been enjoying carnal pleasures every day. Ten dollars was nothing to him. The security guard said angrily, "How ignorant for a beggar priest like you. For ten dollars, you can have some warm food at a roadside stall. How dare you look down on it!" At this ti

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