Chapter 799

"Can you tell me now?" Felicity took back the ID card that the security guard was holding upside down. After hesitating for a moment, the security guard said, "She lives in Block 4, Unit 308!" Felicity walked straight to the entrance and muttered, "This house was picked well!" In the master bedroom of Unit 308, the huge double bed was a mess. The woman snuggled into Dalton's arms. Her fingers drew circles on his chest as she whispered, "You're so amazing, much better than my dead husband. Can you always be good to me?" Dalton hugged the woman and said with a smile, "Your husband has just died, and you're already sleeping with someone else. Can you even sleep at night?" This woman once traveled to Gavistat City with her husband. They had gone to the very temple that Dalton was serving to seek blessings for a child. At that time, Dalton saw that the woman's husband would be entangled with sensual connections in the future. Moreover, it would end in fatal calamity. He had warned

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