Chapter 800

The woman stared blankly at the profile photo and job description on Felicity's ID, panic evident in her eyes. She thought, ‘Damn it! I was finally able to have some satisfaction. How did I attract the attention of the deputy of the Inspection Office?' Felicity looked at the woman's late husband's altar and said sarcastically, "You’ve started fooling around even before your husband's body has turned cold. How shameless!" The woman panicked and retorted, "You... What are you talking about? Master Skylar and I didn't do anything!" Felicity sneered. "Do you think I'm a fool or deaf? Your clothes are worn inside out!" The woman lowered her head and glanced at her collar. She was embarrassed and sheepishly said, "I...I didn't pay attention when I was changing my clothes just now..." Felicity stared at Skylar. "Skylar, come with me!" Skylar smiled lightly. "Miss Felicity, I’m just here to soothe the souls of the dead. Why are you arresting me?" He had been betrayed by hotels several

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