Chapter 801

Dalton twisted his body. Felicity smiled and said, "That package on your back is the Eight-Part Scepter, no? Can you lend it to me for a couple of days?" Lend it to her for a couple of days? Did she think it was a toy? If news about the Eight-Part Scepter were to get out, it would only lead to chaos and conflict between the righteous and the evil. Moreover, poor handling of the scepter could also pose a life-threatening risk to the user. Dalton shook his head and said, "This thing is very dangerous. I can't lend it to you." Felicity frowned. "To tell you the truth, a ghoul overlord has appeared in Jonford, and only your Eight-Part Scepter can deal with it! “About ten years ago, Johnathan killed the last ghoul overlord in the world on Tili Mountain. There shouldn’t be another one appearing in this era of peace,” Dalton said with a quiet smile as he thought to himself how lame the woman’s excuse was. Did she take him for a fool? Felicity hurriedly replied, "I'm not lying to you.

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