Chapter 802

His girlfriend had cheated on him in the past. Consumed by hatred, he lost his mind and burst out violently with a knife due to overwhelming rage. Later, he fled to Gavistat and assumed a new identity. He took refuge in the Mistclad Monastery. During his years in the monastery, he did manage to let go of his attachments and hatred. He genuinely engaged in virtuous deeds at the time, using the holistic medical skills taught by his master to help those suffering from illness. However, after his master passed, the new leader began exploiting the monastery for personal gain. He charged exorbitant fees and embezzled donations. The once ascetic priests started breaking their vows by indulging in flesh. He confronted the new leader about these transgressions, but the response had been dismissive. The leader argued, "You're naïve. Alcohol and meat pass through the gut while God resides in the heart. These rules and precepts are just for show." Under the new leader’s management, the Mistcla

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