Chapter 803

As the deputy chief of the Inspection Office, Felicity felt the need to lead by example. "What if I report him as a murderer?" Dalton suggested. "If he’s indeed a murderer, I can investigate him. I can also contact relevant authorities to have him apprehended!" Felicity asserted confidently. Dalton smiled faintly and proceeded to inform Felicity about the heinous acts committed by the new leader against his fellow priests. The new leader had inappropriate sexual preferences and violated the young priests multiple times. Some priests had complained about him, hoping for justice. However, Dalton, being powerless at that time, could not challenge the influential leader. Later, he witnessed the new leader carrying a sack to the mountains and knew that they were the young priests who had suffered greatly. Upon hearing Dalton share his account about the man, a cold glint flashed in Felicity's eyes. "What kind of nonsense is this? How did your former leader accept such a person?" "He

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