Chapter 804

"Lindon?" Felicity’s brows pinched sharply. Not only was the guy not keeping a low profile, but he was also roaming around freely. She wished she could go after Lindon immediately, but Nash had advised against alerting him. After a moment of silence, she decided to heed Nash's advice. "Is there anyone in your office?" "No. Also, the call is on a dedicated and highly encrypted line.” "Okay, don't make a fuss, and don't tell anyone about this!" Felicity said in a hushed tone. Ken’s younger brother accidentally uncovered the traces Lindon left behind. Currently, only Felicity and Ken out of the entire Inspection Office knew about it. "Also, don't let your brother tail him!" "Why not? What if he escapes?" "Lindon is not difficult to handle, but his grandfather is cunning and shrewd. He’ll notice your brother in no time!” "Okay, I got it!" ... It was nighttime, and Nash was still in the underground room of Royal Bay carrying out alchemic processes. He had completely melted the

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