Chapter 807

The two of them had become inseparable after just a few days, and their feelings were quickly lit ablaze. Meanwhile, on the rooftop of Royal Bay Villa 14, Atlas was leaning against the railing with a displeased expression as he observed the couple—his master and Winnie. "You two are so lovey-dovey every day. Master, you've completely thrown the task of monitoring the Duerson family to me!" Atlas grumbled. For the past few days, he had been keeping a close watch on the Duerson family day and night. Jesebel even had to deliver his meals to him. Fortunately, Jesebel would also occasionally stay on the rooftop to chat with him. Otherwise, he would have been incredibly bored. Suddenly, the phone that he had placed on the railing sounded, indicating that he had received a message. Atlas quickly picked up the phone and saw that it was a message from Jesebel: [Feeling bored?] [Yeah, I'm bored out of my mind ] [Let's take turns keeping watch tomorrow, okay?] [Let's not do that. I'm afraid

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