Chapter 808

The handle of the leather whip was wrapped with a yellow talisman, and the whip itself was a deep red color. It had obviously been treated in some special way. Peter swung the leather whip fiercely at the ghoul overlord. The leather whip burst into flames and left a scorch mark on the ghoul overlord. The skin under its attire ripped open but only for a moment as the wound quickly healed. The ghoul overlord snarled at Peter. It looked like it wanted to pounce on Peter and devour him. "You beast. You're seriously asking for it,” Peter muttered and whipped the ghoul again and again. After about half an hour of whipping, the ghoul overlord closed its eyes again. Peter lifted a bottle and took a sip from it before then taking out a large number of talismans from his bag. He stuck them all over the ghoul overlord's body. Duncan and others arrived just then. When they saw this, Borris was suddenly worried that Peter might lose control of the ghoul overlord. Frowning, he asked, "Master

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