Chapter 809

Borris’ expression was serious as he nodded. "Exactly. There's a path for the righteous, just as there's a path for the wicked. Since the righteous path can't accommodate us, then we shall replace it!" Peter chuckled and said, "Well then, let's continue drinking!" Grinning, Boris replied, "Please." The three of them walked shoulder-to-shoulder toward the villa's living room while Duncan remained rooted where he was, looking bewildered. His emotions were a complex flurry. He had only wanted to eliminate Nash and make the Duerson family the top family in Jonford. He never thought of going against the righteous path. He thought he was evil, but compared to Peter and the others, he felt like an amateur. Going against the entire righteous path with just a ghoul overlord? Duncan took a deep look at Herman, who was covered from head to toe with talismans. ... At the park outside of Royal Bay Villa 14, Eric and Winnie were sitting on a stone bench, passionately kissing. Suddenly, Eric

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