Chapter 810

"I’ve deduced that a great calamity is approaching Quiet Winds Church. You must activate the protection array immediately and prepare yourselves!" Eric commanded. Cillian's tone remained calm as he replied, "I’ve studied the Core Astrological Scripture since young. I have not sensed any impending danger to the church.” Eric's tone turned cold. "You're just the head priest of Quiet Winds Church. How dare you question the power of a Golden Amulet Master like me?" He was quite familiar with the famous Path sanctuaries within Drakonia. However, he had never heard of Quiet Winds Church. Thus, it was undoubtedly one of the smaller sanctuaries. The fact that the head of such a small sanctuary dared question his abilities left Eric feeling very displeased. Unruffled, Cillian merely replied, "You're one of the ten Golden Amulet Masters of Drakonia, Master Eric. I would never dare to question you." He had heard of Eric's name, and like Nash, he was one of the ten Golden Amulet Masters. How

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