Chapter 811

The beautiful woman took three banknotes out from her bag and said, "Thank you, Father Lloyd. Please accept this 300-dollar payment!" Lloyd smoothed his long white eyebrows and replied kindly, "Quiet Winds Church never charges for their work." "This is a well-deserved payment, though!" The beautiful woman insisted. "Haha! No need, no need. Run along. I still have to offer my services to the next person." Lloyd waved his hand in refusal. "Alright, thank you again!" The beautiful woman lowered her head gratefully and then moved aside to let the next person come forward. At that moment, Lloyd noticed his junior coming out of the café. He then addressed the people waiting, "This will be the last person. The rest of you can go home. If you want to seek blessings and ask for repentance, you can visit Quiet Winds Church and find me!" With that, he began to talk to the person in front of him. It was an elderly person who appeared to be in their 60s with graying eyebrows that formed a str

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