Chapter 812

Cillian and Lloyd two returned to Quiet Winds Church. Standing before the entrance, Cillian looked up at the blood-colored star in the sky. "The Blood Star appears when calamity approaches. Could a great calamity be descending upon Quiet Winds Church?" he wondered. Despite his calculations, he could not discern anything. Cillian frowned as he contemplated whether to activate the protection array. Seeing the troubled look on his junior’s face, Lloyd smiled and asked, "You look like you have something on your mind.” Hands behind his back, Cillian recounted what Eric had warned him about earlier. Lloyd felt a sense of unease course through him as he said, "So, what are we waiting for? Let's quickly activate the array!” Eric was, after all, a Golden Amulet Master. If he had personally called to warn his junior, then Quiet Winds Church must be in danger. Cillian remained silent. His dignity would surely take a hit if he were to accept the man's warning now. When Lloyd noticed that

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