Chapter 813

"Hmph, as everyone knows, the protection array can only be activated three times. It has already been activated twice. Cillian activated it the final time without our consent and without discussing it with us. "Clearly, he doesn't regard us or the thousands of Path takers in Quiet Winds Church with any importance!" Cain said coldly. "Senior Trey is right. If Quiet Winds Church has to face a strong enemy again without the protection array, the lives of the practitioners will be at risk. Cillian doesn't care about them at all and is not worthy of being the head!" another elder from the Cain Sect immediately chimed in. "Cillian is not worthy? Then do you think you’re worthy?" Lloyd arrived just then with his hands behind his back. "Senior!" everyone greeted him. Lloyd looked at Cain and the elder who spoke earlier with disdain. "As the head, Cillian holds the highest authority in Quiet Winds Church. His decisions represent the entire sect. What are you gossiping about behind his bac

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