Chapter 80

Nash let out a sigh of lingering fear. The assassin disguised as Mr. Lee was named Deagol, a top assassin from Yerusia. Six years ago, Deagol’s ranking on the Killer Leaderboard was just below him. It was a showdown between top assassins. No matter how strong they were, they would not prolong the fight. Every strike was lethal. After taking a moment to recover, Nash got up and retrieved his bag from behind the sofa. He searched for a needle and thread to stitch up his wounds. Halfway through suturing, the doorbell rang. Nash could tell from the footsteps that it was not Hera, but he could tell it was a woman. It was Lauren standing quietly outside the door. This was her first time visiting Hera’s apartment. Upon learning that Nash was staying with Hera, she came directly as she wanted to confirm one thing. It was whether Nash was the 'Nashy' mentioned by Olivia and Theo and also the Smiling Grim Reaper who had revealed his extraordinary abilities at Mr. Lee’s banquet today.

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