Chapter 81

Nash pulled his shirt down and said, “I've been sleeping the whole day. If you don’t believe me, go check the surveillance cameras!” Lauren was stunned for a while and could not say a word. Something was wrong… Something was definitely wrong here… She searched the apartment, rummaging through every corner, but she could not find Nash’s Smiling Grim Reaper outfit anywhere. Just then, Harrison called her. “The people from Drake Group have come to our company for an inspection. They’re ready to pay a 150 million deposit. Hurry back to the company!” “Alright... I’ll come back right away!” Lauren hung up the phone and stared at Nash, but she was out of words. After a moment of silence, she finally asked, “When do you plan to register your marriage with Hera?” Nash shrugged. “I can do it anytime. It just depends on whether Mr. Lewis agrees and whether Hera is willing!” Lauren did not say anything more and turned to leave the apartment. Even though the man was trying to hide the fa

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