Chapter 815

Melody was so excited that her eyes turned red. If Nash was not Hera's man, she would have wanted to hug him and give him a kiss. The desire for beauty was universal, especially when one's appearance had been decent before. She might not have turned every single person’s head when she went out in the past, but at least half of the people she encountered would find her pleasing to the eye. After being so severely injured, Melody had contemplated suicide at the thought of her face being ruined. Now, seeing that she had recovered and become even more beautiful than before, she could not help but be excited. With his hands shoved in his pockets, Nash smiled and said, "Have you figured out how to thank me?" Melody lowered her head and replied, "How do you want me to thank you?" "How about offering yourself?" Hera burst into a delicate laughter while covering her mouth before Nash could even say anything. Melody knew Hera was joking but still could not help her face from turning red.

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