Chapter 816

After delivering the letter, Finn and Ken returned to Royal Bay. Nash was enjoying his meal while Hera watched him affectionately with her hands propping up her face. "Slow down. Don't burn yourself!" Nash mumbled incoherently, "My wife's pasta is delicious.” Hera's smile on her face became even brighter. Having completed her workout outside, Melody felt no discomfort in her body, apart from the fact that her true energy had yet to fully recover. Finn and Ken walked into the living room with Melody. Nash finished his pasta in a few bites, wiped his mouth, and then looked at the approaching group. "It's getting late. Do whatever you need to do.” Melody glanced at Hera, who had her back turned to her. She guessed what Nash had in mind. "It's been a while. Shouldn't you treat me to a meal?" she said to Finn. Finn's mouth twitched. "Why aren't you the one treating me?" Melody rolled her eyes at Finn. "Fine, I'll be generous for once!" Finn looked at Nash and asked, "Will you be

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