Chapter 817

A light shone on Felicity. "She's not dead..." "Quick, chase after her!" Over 20 people pulled out their guns and swiftly caught up to her. "Who the hell wants to kill me?" Wearing a white dress and dressed completely like a lady, Felicity cursed as she ran downhill. Dominic! It must be that old scoundrel, Dominic. The mayor did not dare to mess with Dominic, but she was not afraid of him. That was why he wanted to get rid of her. He would not dare act rashly in Sagen, however, so he immediately arranged for others to intercept her on the road the moment she left. "You old scoundrel, just wait until I catch my breath. You won't know what hit you then!" Just as she spoke, she heard something click beneath her. Felicity screamed as she fell to the ground. The Eight-Part Sceptre in her hand flew out of her grip, falling into the grass. At the same time, the hitmen behind were closing in. A dozen flashlights illuminated Felicity, and she turned pale. They were all martial art

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