Chapter 818

Mythism artifacts were considered extremely sacred objects for followers of Mythism, so much so that they even aroused desire in priests. However, the white-robed priest quickly regained his composure and returned the package to Felicity. He then turned around and said, "Please follow me down the mountain.” Holding the package in her arms, Felicity gritted her teeth and said, "Do I look like someone who can walk?" The white-robed priest stopped in his tracks. He hesitated for a moment before turning back to Felicity with an uncertain look. Looking up at him, Felicity said, "Why are you standing there? Help me up!" "The Light guides me!" The white-robed priest joined his hands in prayer. He seemed hesitant as he did not know how to support a woman in a dress who had her arms and legs exposed. Felicity's lips twitched. "Are you avoiding touching me because I'm a woman?" Closing his eyes, the white-robed priest began reciting scriptures, “The Light guides and reveals that five a

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