Chapter 822

Though he had spoken to the priest of Quiet Winds Church previously, Cillian seemed to hold some kind of grudge against him. Hence, he decided to drop by the church to ensure they had activated the Mountain Shield Formation. On the rooftop of Royal Bay Villa 14, Atlas lounged on a deck chair beneath a parasol. From time to time, he gazed at the basin. He was starting to regret his decision. His master had given him a fierce scolding after he suggested swapping shifts with Jesebel yesterday. Now, his master was whispering sweet nothings into that young woman's ears. Jesebel had practically assumed a position as the homeowner now from where she was seated downstairs. Meanwhile, he had to keep watch on the rooftop day and night. Atlas took his phone out dejectedly and pulled up Jesebel’s social media profile to look at it. Huh? Had she deactivated her account? Hold on… If she had deactivated it, it would say so on the page. The way the page looked right now… Had

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