Chapter 823

“You’re still on the clock!” Atlas’ cold voice rang out. Jesebel, who was already standing by the door, turned to look toward the roof. “Getting groceries is also part of my job…” Atlas retorted, “Can’t you just buy them online?” It was obvious she was going on a date. Yet, she was lying and saying she was getting groceries. He hated it when others lied to him. Jesebel answered, “I feel more at ease cooking with ingredients I chose myself!” She turned and walked away without a second look after that. Atlas punched the railing. “Damn it…” The flesh on his palm split apart. However, he did not feel any pain. A moment later, he took his phone out and contacted the experts his grandfather had sent a couple of days ago to protect him. “Mr. Kennedy…” “Find out the names of all of Jesebel’s male friends within the next five minutes!” “I’ve been looking into that the past two days. She has three male friends. Two were her previous employers, and one is an ex-boyfr

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