Chapter 824

“Let me go…” Jesebel swung her arm violently. However, the fact that she was a woman coupled with the fact she was anemic meant she did not have much strength. She could not break free from Kenneth’s grasp. Kenneth pulled Jesebel into his arms and wrapped them around her tightly as he said softly, “Stop kicking up a fuss, alright? Give me another chance!” Jesebel slapped Kenneth and said angrily, “I’ve already told you that we’re never getting back together. If you continue harassing me, I’ll call the police!” An imprint of Jesebel’s palm appeared on Kenneth’s face. As he placed a hand against his warm face, a look of hatred flashed through his eyes. Then, he took a white silk handkerchief from his pocket and used it to cover Jesebel’s mouth and nose. The handkerchief was covered in ether. A panicked look appeared in Jesebel’s eyes as she struggled valiantly before losing consciousness. Kenneth tossed the bouquet of fresh flowers into a nearby trash can and glared at Jesebel

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