Chapter 827

Winnie tugged on Eric’s sleeve and whined. Eric smiled. “Alright, I’ll teach you!” He took several pieces of parchment paper from his bag and gave Winnie a step-by-step tutorial on how to pinch her knuckles and chant the incantations. However, Winnie could not get the parchment paper to ignite on its own no matter how hard she tried. Slightly dejected, Winnie said, “It’s too difficult… I don’t want to learn anymore..” Eric laughed. “Atlas is very talented, but it also took him two years to get the hang of it!” She pouted. “I don’t want to be a disciple. I want to be your wife…” Eric laughed loudly. “Alright, my darling wife. Let’s go home!” The two held hands and slowly made their way down the mountain. Meanwhile, on a train making its way to Jonford Railway Station, Felicity was holding her bag close to her chest while sound asleep. “Dear passengers, this train will be arriving at Jonford Railway Station. If you wish to disembark at this station, please retrieve yo

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