Chapter 828

Quiet Winds Church was located on Green Peak Mountain. The front of the land was a Path sanctuary, while the back was forbidden territory. Beneath the forbidden territory was a clear pool. At that moment, Cillian was sitting cross-legged on a stone block inside the clear pool. He was not wearing a single article of clothing, and the water came up to his belly button. A massive Dark-and-Light Energy Diagram swirled around him, basing its center around his energy center. On a cliffside in the forbidden territory, Lloyd stood with his hands clasped behind his back. A young Path practitioner standing beside him asked in a confused voice, “Is Master Cillian taking a bath?” Lloyd said pleasantly, “He's practicing a Path technique!” The young Path practitioner bit his nails and asked, “Why is he practicing it in the water?” Lloyd explained patiently, "That’s no ordinary water. It’s a spiritual lake that’s been part of Quiet Winds Church for thousands of years!” “Spiritual l

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