Chapter 830

The sound of the thunder rang through Quiet Winds Church. The moon turned from being a bright white color to a red color. A disciple hurried into the main hall and said in a shaking voice, “Elders, the sky… There are two red moons in the sky…” Lloyd’s eyebrows furrowed themselves together as he immediately raced out. The remaining elders also ran out after exchanging looks of surprise. … In Royal Bay Villa 14, Eric and Winnie were curled up in bed and watching cartoons together. Winnie was nestled in Eric’s arms. Eric did not show any emotion on his face, but he felt an inexplicable annoyance within him. This was weird… Why was the feeling that disaster was about to strike growing stronger with every passing second? On the rooftop. Jesebel was drinking with Atlas. Beer cans littered the floor. Jesebel’s pretty face was flushed red, and she used her hands to hold her face up as she asked, “Atlas, do you have feelings for me?” Slightly stunned, Atlas chuckled

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