Chapter 831

The ghoul overlord suddenly opened its eyes. Its scarlet pupils radiated an endless iciness. A wicked pressure was suffocating Duncan. Even the powerful experts of the Mystique Loyalty Realm, Boris and The Swordsman, could not fight against the evil spirit with their energies. “Go and enjoy your feast!” Peter smiled and said. As soon as he said that, the ghoul overlord vanished on the spot. The gate of Quiet Winds Church shattered. Inside the church, all 16 lights were turned on. However, they emitted a red light, making the entire church look like it had been doused in blood. Cillian’s shadow appeared in the middle of the church, and Lloyd followed closely behind. The other elders were petrified. They had already sensed the horrifying evil energy radiating from their visitor. Cillian calmly lifted his right hand and said, “Quiet Winds Sword…” The mountain peak behind Quiet Winds Church collapsed all of a sudden. A long sword emitting a radiant white light flew into Cilli

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