Chapter 832

The flaming sword forms shot into the halo around the ghoul overlord like stones sinking into the ocean. They did not even create a ripple. Lloyd’s face twisted into an ugly expression. It was a mid-level rune, but it did not harm the ghoul overlord at all. Then, the ghoul overlord grabbed Cillian’s neck with both hands and sunk his fangs into his neck. The ghoul overlord happily drank Cillian’s blood. Cillian let go of the sword handle and pointed at the sword. The Quiet Winds Sword floated up into the air, and it started raining swords. The red halo around the ghoul overlord’s body was rippling. Finally, a sword pierced through the red halo. The Quiet Winds Sword pierced the ghoul overlord’s back, and the tip of the sword penetrated its flesh. The ghoul overlord threw its head back with a roar, sending the Quiet Winds Sword flying. Cillian seized his chance to kick the ghoul overlord in the chest. He slammed his hands on the ground and stood right up. He put his hands togeth

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