Chapter 836

The Swordsman and Boris were ecstatic. The dragon meridian contained large amounts of spiritual energy. Breaking through the Profound Oriental Realm would no longer be a dream now. Peter held the dragon meridian in his hands and took out a large number of immobilization runes, sticking them onto the ghoul overlord. The ghoul overlord closed its eyes, and the evil spirit in its body disappeared. Peter took out a metal chain and tied it around the ghoul overlord’s neck. “Let’s go back and have a drink!” After saying that, he led the ghoul overlord outside of the restricted area. Skadi swam for God knew how long with Cillian on her back and the kid in her arms. She was out of breath, and her limbs were almost numb from exhaustion. Finally, she saw fire next to a cave in front of her. It was Bianca. Skadi shouted excitedly, “Bianca, come help me…” When Bianca heard Skadi’s voice, she immediately jumped into the water and swam over. When she saw Cillian covered in blood, she asked,

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