Chapter 837

When Eric opened the door and got out of the car, Skadi was stunned. Was he not the wretched man from the other day? Eric frowned and asked, “Did you escape from Quiet Winds Church?” Skadi nodded. “Something happened at Quiet Winds Church. We have to call the police!” Eric opened the door and said, “Get in. We’ve already called the police!” After they got in, Eric closed the door for them and got into the front passenger seat. Atlas floored the accelerator and sped off. “Ah-choo… I’m cold!” The little kid sneezed and shivered. Bianca hugged the little guy tightly and said, “Does this feel better?” The kid shook his head. “You’re as cold as ice!” Atlas turned on the heater and said, “There are heater blankets and heater cushions behind the seats. That’ll help for now!” Bianca found the blanket and wrapped it around the kid while holding him in her arms. Skadi sat in the middle seat while Cillian was in the window seat. Cillian had fallen into a coma after being poisoned, so

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