Chapter 838

Skadi was surprised too. She had always followed Quiet Winds Church’s TikTok account, but she had never seen a female Path taker in the church. Some people even asked whether Quiet Winds Church accepted female students, to which Cillian replied that they only accepted male students. The kid looked at Skadi timidly and said, “You can’t tell Master that I’m a girl…” Skadi felt like her heart was about to melt, so she said quickly, “I won’t, I won’t… I will never tell him… I’ll keep it a secret!” Bianca helped the little girl dry her hair and asked, “Kiddo, what’s your name, and who’s your master?” The little girl said softly, “I don’t have a name, but my Path name is Yoyo… My master is Father Lloyd. He said that I have to address Father Cillian as Master Cillian…” Skadi was startled as she was reminded of the scene where Lloyd’s heart was taken out by Herman. Her stomach was churning. She suppressed the discomfort and gently caressed Yoyo’s head. Yoyo looked up and asked, “Miss

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