Chapter 839

She criticized Eric for making a move on a young girl before, but she was getting a taste of her own medicine now. “I don’t care…” Skadi looked away arrogantly. Atlas said softly, “Miss, this way, please…” Since Skadi was acquainted with Nash and Nash was his grandmaster, he dared not be too aggressive. However, Skadi sat on the couch and crossed her legs, saying, “I said I’m going to stay and take care of him…” Atlas narrowed his eyes at her. He held back his anger and forced a smile, saying, “If you want to take care of him, you can take care of him back at your place!” Skadi knew that Atlas was the son of the Kennedy family, so she dared not be too presumptuous. She toned down her arrogant behavior. How could she step down? Did she really have to take Cillian away with her? How could she save him after he was bitten by a zombie? Skadi was in an awkward position. Bianca saw Skadi’s expression and shook her head, laughing. She said, “Skade, isn’t it your grandpa’s birthday

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