Chapter 83

Theo enthusiastically introduced Olivia to Nash. Seeing Olivia still in a daze, he immediately frowned and said, “Aren’t you going to say hello to Nash?” Olivia snapped back to her senses and trembled slightly. “H-Hello, Nash!” Nash smiled faintly and said, “Hello, Ms. Lee. Thank you for helping Hera and her family!” Seeing how polite Nash was, Olivia quickly said, “You’re too polite, Nash. It’s what we should do!” Just last night, she asked Theo about the connection between the Skyes and Nash. Several years ago, Nash had helped the Skyes eliminate a terrifying foreign enemy. If it were not for Nash’s intervention, the Skyes would have suffered a calamity. At that time, Drake Group was still under the Skyes’ control. Without the Skyes, Drake Group would not have developed to its current state. Thinking about this, Olivia was even more shocked. After all, Nash, who now appeared to be in his early 20s, had helped the Skyes about six years ago. At that time, Nash was probably

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