Chapter 84

After the three of them took their seats, there were dedicated beautiful waitresses to help with serving the dishes and pouring them drinks. They were truly being treated as royals. Even the liquor served was worth millions of dollars, the Gellaward Tribute Spirit. Nash had also attended banquets of various national royal families with his master before, so he had some knowledge of certain famous liquors. Theo and Olivia each toasted Nash, saying, “Nash, this is wild beluga sturgeon caviar that had a lifespan of 300 years…” Then, Theo personally served Nash a small spoonful of beluga caviar. The caviar was full and round, with a clear and transparent color. It had a slight golden luster to it, which was the characteristic of top-quality caviar. Even Nash, who had been to grand occasions, could not help but feel his eyelid twitch at this moment. The most expensive caviar he had eaten was in the house of Arrania's royal family. It was caviar from a hundred-year-old wild beluga

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