Chapter 85

Hera’s phone could not be reached. Nash tried video calling on WhatsApp, but it went unanswered. His brows furrowed even tighter. Theo quickly asked, “What’s wrong, Nashy?” “Hera’s missing…” Nash’s tone carried some worry. Hera had encountered an assassin once before. If he could not contact her now, she was probably in trouble. Nash stood up and was about to leave. Theo followed him and took out his phone to make a call. Olivia, who was waiting outside, saw Theo and Nash in a hurry to leave. She immediately followed them. “Salvatore, help me find a woman named Hera Lewis!” After giving instructions, Theo quickly hung up the phone and dialed another number. “Chief Zink, it’s Theo Skye. Can you please help me check on the Lewises’ Ms. Hera? "Hun, use all your connections to help me find Jonford’s Ms. Hera Lewis!” Theo made three consecutive calls. Meanwhile, Olivia frowned slightly and whispered, “Hera’s missing?” Theo nodded without saying a word. Just as Nash entere

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