Chapter 86

Outside the door, a burly security guard responded quickly and took out a whistle from his pocket to blow on it. In an instant, all the bare-chested men who were loading goods gathered together. … It was a relatively old neighborhood in Causeway Bay, which was in the western suburbs of Jonford. The Green Bamboo Association, the largest underground organization in Sagen, had its ninth branch here. Howard Lane, the head of the Lane family, which was one of the Jonford Five Elites, was the former president of the ninth branch. In his early years, Howard unified the underground forces in Sagen for the Green Bamboo Association, and then he came to Jonford with his subordinates to do legitimate business. His three sons managed the family business in an orderly manner. However, none of his three sons wanted to get involved with the Green Bamboo Association. It was actually his eldest son’s son and his grandson, Simon Lane, who was constantly mingling with the people in the Green Bamb

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