Chapter 87

Several underlings in the room who carried baseball bats immediately approached the construction site bosses. Upon hearing the screams coming from the private room, Crow danced with excitement as he hugged the waists of two hostesses. “Crow… Those two women have woken up!” A thin underling hurried over as he exclaimed. Half of his face was swollen, with traces of blood still not wiped clean from the corners of his mouth. Crow glanced at the thin youngster and frowned. “Did you touch them?” The thin underling said with a pitiful tone, “Those two women are so beautiful. I couldn’t resist…” “Damn it!” Crow kicked his underling’s chest, sending him flying three meters away. “I haven’t even touched them yet, and you dare to act first? Do you not respect me as your boss?” Crow scolded angrily. “Boss, I... I was beaten before I could even touch them…” the thin youth said, feeling wronged. “Wait until I’m done enjoying myself, then I’ll hand them over to you. Tonight, we’ll make sur

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