Chapter 88

Hera’s face was filled with fear as she shrank back. “Who... Who are you? How much did my uncle pay you?” When she appeared at the Lewis family's estate the last time, her uncle had a surprised look in his eyes. Those assassins were definitely hired by her uncle. Her kidnapping this time must also have something to do with her uncle. After all, she had just won 1.5 million from them during the day. This must be her uncle’s family’s revenge. Crow threw the belt on the ground and chuckled. “What uncle? I don’t know who your uncle is…” Skadi stared coldly at Crow. “My grandfather is the head of the Martial Arts Association. If you touch me, my grandfather won’t let you go…” Crow laughed. “Those who have nothing to lose do not fear those in power. If your grandfather knows that we're from the Green Bamboo Association, he'll choose to turn a blind eye even if he knows that we’ve captured his granddaughter…" Skadi was completely stunned. “You... You people are from the Green Bamboo

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