Chapter 89

Skadi struggled continuously, raining punches on Crow’s chest. Crow burst into laughter. “Keep struggling. The more you struggle, the more excited I get…” He threw her onto the bed and pounced on her directly. Skadi kicked the man, but he managed to grab her ankle. Her soft and smooth ankle only made him even more excited. Just as he was about to make further moves, sudden urgent knocks came from outside. Crow’s face darkened, and he turned his head. “Can’t you people see that I’m busy?” “B-Boss... Salvatore and his men have surrounded Causeway Bay…” the tattooed youngster outside spoke anxiously. Crow furrowed his brows, asking, “How many people did they bring?” “M-Maybe... over a hundred!” “How many? Has that Silly Salv lost his mind?” Crow released his grip on Skadi’s ankle, turned around, and walked out. “Inform the brothers to gather with their weapons!” In Jonford, there were the five elite business tycoons and the four major underground forces. Five years ago, Jo

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