Chapter 90

Xeno quickly said, “I’ll accompany Mr. Nash. Mr. Skye, you stay in the car!” “Neither of you need to get out... I can handle this myself!” Nash got out of the car and closed the door. On the way here, he listened to Xeno talking about the power of the Green Bamboo Association. It had 18 branches nationwide with over 30 thousand members. Such power was indeed daunting. Backing the Dragon Tiger Gate was the Skyes, and it had numerous branches across the country as well as a power that could rival the Green Bamboo Association. Nash did not want to cause conflict between the Green Bamboo Association and the Dragon Tiger Gate because of his own affairs. A clash between these two major forces would only disrupt social order. Nash quickly approached Salvatore and the others. Salvatore shouted to the people behind him, “What's wrong with you guys? Walk faster…” Instantly, the densely packed crowd quickened their pace to catch up with Nash. Inside the luxury car, Xeno spoke with a d

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