Chapter 91

Nash alone had utterly wiped out this branch of the Green Bamboo Association. “You… You killed Crow… Brothers, let us avenge Crow.” A tattooed young man from the Green Bamboo Association yelled at the group of people behind him. Nash stepped forward and grabbed his throat, making the youth's face immediately turn purple. In a hoarse voice, Nash asked, "Where's Hera?” The tattooed young man shut his mouth tightly, looking like he would rather die than submit. Nash exerted a little force in his hands, breaking the young man’s throat. None of the members of the Green Bamboo Association dared to look at Nash after that. Nash threw the tattooed young man onto the ground and then looked at the rest of them, his eyes scarlet with rage. "If anything happens to her, I'll make sure you all join him next.” The Green Bamboo Association members trembled, none of them daring to question the fiend’s words. A young man who had been playing poker cards on the third floor stuttered, "T-Th

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