Chapter 92

Xeno sent Nash to the gates of Rex District and said, "Nash, we’re here.” Nash nodded. "I'm sorry to trouble you.” Overwhelmed by his remark, Xeno replied, "You exaggerate, Nash. You can look for me anytime if you need me in the future.” Nash got out of the vehicle with Hera in his arms. Skadi was still looking at Xeno. She could not help but think that she had seen this person before. Still, she did not manage to put a finger on it even after some time passed. Back at the apartment, Nash laid Hera on the bed and started massaging the back of her neck as he imbued his energy with every push. “Is Hera alright?” Skadi asked nervously. Nash nodded. "It's not a big problem. What happened, though? Did you two offend someone again?” Seated on the computer chair, Skadi shook her head and answered, "Hera is so pure and kind. How could she have offended anyone? I wouldn’t dare cause trouble out there either since I want to protect her.” Recalling how she had almost been defiled just

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