Chapter 841

"Who are you?" Only then did Felicity realize that they were not here for her but the Eight-part Scepter she had. Boris reached out and grabbed the package behind Felicity. With a little force, he broke the strap. The bag opened, and he saw the Eight-Part Scepter inside. The car jolted again. The trunk lid was blown off. Duncan quickly stepped on the brakes. The ghoul overlord, whose body was covered with talismans, rushed to the car window and stared at the scepter in Boris' hand with his scarlet eyes. The ghoul overlord smashed open the glass window with its claw and bared its sinister fangs. When Felicity saw this scene, she felt shocked to her core. She thought, ’What the hell is this? The undead?’ Peter got out of the car and put a few red talismans on the ghoul overlord. Ordinary Freeze Talismans could no longer control the ghoul overlord, and only the more expensive custom Freeze Talismans could keep it under control. The ghoul overlord remained motionless. Its scarl

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